Facebook To Friend NBC & The Olympics

Social reminders coming your way.

We already know that everything that's anything is social these days - especially if it's on TV. 

Now, the world's biggest reality show - the Olympic Games - is going to get a Facebook boost.  The Menlo Park social networking giant will, according to the New York Times, remind Facebookers about upcoming events, and in return, NBC's coverage will encourage viewers to discuss the games on their Facebook pages.

It's the latest merging of sports and social networking.  Nascar fans were given the Twitter treatment recently, tweeting about the race as it happens.  Fans of just about every sport can find plenty of Facebooking and tweeting about just about every game - some of the biggest social days lately were during soccer matches.

During the 2008 Summer Games, there were about 100 million Facebook users.  With about 10 times that now, it will be interesting to see if these "reminders" enhance the experience, or cause people to turn their computers off during the races.

Scott loves the Games, and getting social. He’s on Twitter: @scottbudman

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