San Jose

Family Mourns 24-Year-Old Victim of Deadly Street Race Crash

The family of a 24-year-old who died after an apparent street race in San Jose gathered where he was killed after the car he was in slammed into a tree on Cinco de Mayo.

The family of David Mandujano said all the people involved in the Santa Teresa Boulevard crash are relatives.

The driver, who hasn’t been identified, is still in the hospital and will be charged with driving under the influence resulting in death or bodily harm, police said.

The tree they hit Sunday night had to be removed because city crews thought it may fall. But flowers and candles now surround it.

"He was a great person, more than a first cousin," said Mandujano's relative. "He was my brother, gentle, he wanted to be a police officer, he was studying for it."

Dan Lykowski saw the driver of the other car right after it happened.

"He obviously knew who the people were," He said. "He rolled over the gentleman on the ground despite us yelling at him to not touch him. Then he went to the other side of the car and screamed rather loudly when he saw his relative or cousin."

Lykowski said the driver of the other car took off when police arrived.

Neighbors said they want more patrols on the Santa Teresa Boulevard, which is known for street racing.

"Is that tree had not been there, that car was making a beeline for my house," said Bob Boyce. "It would have been in my house."

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