Federal Government Joins Lawsuits Against Tetra Tech Over Hunters Point Shipyard Cleanup

New court documents unsealed late Thursday show the United States government has joined three lawsuits against Tetra Tech, the company hired to clean up radiation at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco.

Several whistleblowers claim Tetra Tech cut corners on the cleanup and falsified records. Court documents show the government plans to pursue its own allegations against the company. According to a new filing, the United States will allege Tetra Tech defrauded the government with its radiation testing of soil and buildings.

The United States will take primary responsibility for prosecuting the cases, court records show. The government has until Jan. 14, 2019 to file its complaint.

A spokesman for Tetra Tech told NBC Bay Area Thursday evening that he will comment on this latest development once he has reviewed the court documents.

Tetra Tech spokesman Sam Singer said in a statement Thursday evening: "Tetra Tech EC is disappointed that the Department of Justice has decided to pursue baseless charges against Tetra Tech EC. Tetra Tech EC has worked with the Navy and identified isolated instances of past employee misconduct at Hunters Point, and took corrective measures to prevent the recurrence of any such misconduct."

Singer said Tetra Tech did not act improperly and alleges interest in this matter has been “driven by media accounts based on inaccurate information and unfounded allegations by individuals motivated by their own gain.”

The company is looking forward to defending its record in court, Singer said.

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