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Fence Dispute in Santa Rosa Leads to Racy Mannequin Display

A Santa Rosa man is turning heads after complaints from a neighbor forced him to lower his 6-foot fence.

Jason Windus complied, but not before finding a very revealing way to protest the decision. Windus placed nude mannequins in salacious arrangement in his front yard as a form of protest. 

A Santa Rosa man’s neighbor complained about his tall fence, so the city forced him to lower it. Before chopping it off, he set up a mannequin display that gained so much attention, people are stealing it.

People who pass by his home don’t seem to mind the racy new yard display and give Windus a thumbs up. But the shortened fence won't be able to contain his two large dogs.

Code enforcement determined the fence before it was cut down violated property line and prevented drivers at intersections from seeing on-coming traffic. 

Despite having to shorten his fence, Windus said he is finding humor in the situation.

After receiving a complaint about the height of his fence, Jason Windus was forced to shorten it, but not before setting up a racy display of mannequins. Jodi Hernandez reports.
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