Fewer Police Officers? No Problem: Protect Yourself!

Technology comes to the rescue

With budget cuts ripping into police departments across the country, homeowners find themselves nervous about how to protect their homes, and their loved ones.  Silicon Valley residents are not immune to this problem and, once again, technology has an answer.

Logitech, famous for making computer mice, has been branching out lately, making devices to protect your home.  The cameras are small, and the video they shoot can be wirelessly sent to your work PC, TV, or even your smartphone.  That phone can also be used to program your home security system, so you're literally connected to all that goes on inside your house, no matter where you are. 

To be fair, Logitech is hardly the first (or only) company to do this.  Several firms are leveraging wireless technology, smart phones, and iPads to let you keep digital tabs on your home.  Now, the police department is helping to keep Silicon Valley safe by giving this type of surveillance a major endorsement.

San Jose's Police Department is partnering with Logitech, and its "Alert" system - HD video surveillance that the PD says can help you keep yourself safe.  It's both an admission that you might need a little extra help in these budget-cutting days, but also a thumbs-up for what's becoming increasingly popular:  technology in the home, not just for fun or productivity, but also for safety.

As Logitech and its competitors roll out new ways to help you keep tabs on things, I'm curious:  have you tried one of these systems, and are you at all interested in trying one?  Feel free to hit me on Twitter @scottbudman.  Is home security the next killer app?  And, does it help that the PD is giving it something of a blessing?

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