Flames Engulf 2 Abandoned Buildings Near Sonoma, Spread to Mobile Home Park

Flames engulfed two abandoned commercial buildings and spread to four nearby mobile homes in Sonoma County early Wednesday, according to a fire official.

The blaze was reported at 175 Verano Avenue just outside Sonoma, Sonoma Valley Fire and Rescue Authority Battalion Chief Spencer Andreis said.

Arriving firefighters found the two commercial structures up in flames, Andreis said. The fire had also spread into the neighboring Lazzarotto Mobile Home Park, impacting four units in the process.

Officers with the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department helped evacuate residents from the mobile home park, Andreis said.

Andreis noted that Tuesday's blaze wasn't the first to ignite at the location in the past decade or so.

"We've had a lot of fire history," he said. "Actually right where we're standing was about a 10,000 square foot commercial (building) we lost probably seven, eight years ago, so lot of fire history here. I've been on several fires here throughout my career."

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