Firefighters Rescue Dogs From Burning Bay Point Home

Firefighters with the Contra Costa County Fire Department rescued two dogs from a house fire in Bay Point over the weekend.

When emergency crews arrived on scene Sunday, they found a house engulfed in flames. While the human victims had already made it out, their dogs were trapped inside the home.

"Our whole purpose here is to help people, but we also want to help animals too," said Capt. Chris Bloch, Contra Costa County Fire Department. "A lot of us are pet owners."

Bloch found two dogs hiding under a bed, struggling to breathe. Crews immediately started life-saving measures, using special animal resuscitation equipment.

Investigators said the cause of the fire is a suspected hash oil operation. Two young occupants of the house are under investigation. The rest of the family is grateful firefighters worked so hard to save their pets.

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