Marin County

Off-Duty Firefighter Tackles Woman Trying to Set Person on Fire in Mill Valley

A firefighter tackled a woman allegedly trying to set a person on fire in Mill Valley, and investigators are wondering if she might be responsible for a number of other crimes.

Nai Feuy Saelor, 24, of Richmond was booked Sunday on charges of arson, assault with a caustic chemical and vandalism counts, according to Marin County jail records.

Officers said an off-duty Marin County firefighter saw a woman throwing lighter fluid on a 50-year-old woman off Panoramic Highway on Mount Tamalpais. He then tackled the woman before she could set the victim on fire.

"The sheriff's department took its samples and will see if there is a tie between the assault and the fire at the bottom of the driveway," Fire Battalion Chief Bill Roberts said. The Marin County sheriff tweeted that the woman is "believed to have set a number of fires in Mill Valley neighborhood. Deputies trying to determine motivation for Easter morn (sic) attack."

Not only was there a fire on the property, but the house was also vandalized with "rapist" and "murderer" scrawled in red spray paint.

Investigators think she may be also linked to several other fires in the area.

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