Florida Company that Sold Apple Clones Goes Under

Psystar may prove a stone Apple can get no blood from in lawsuit

Psystar, a company in Doral, Florida that briefly sold personal computers with Apple's Macintosh OS X installed last year, has declared bankruptcy.

Apple sued the company shortly after it introduced its line of inexpensive desktop PCs, arguing that the installation was a violation of the license agreement that binds the operating system to Apple hardware.

But regardless if Apple wins the case or simply negotiates a settlement, it will have to get in line with Psystar's other creditors.

In its bankruptcy filing, Psystar listed only $50,000 in assets and anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 in liabilities.

Apple once allowed other companies to make desktops that ran the Macintosh operating system during the period John Scully was CEO.

But since Apple has switched to using Intel processors in its machines, and has based the latest versions of its operating system on a popular flavor of Unix, BSD, it's become easier than ever to install the Mac OS on non-Apple hardware.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak actually signed a "hackintosh" presented by a fan with OS X installed on a Hewlett-Packard netbook while on a press junket to promote Dancing With the Stars. Photo by Balazs Gal.

Jackson West can't wait to craft a triple-boot netbook of his own.

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