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Food for Thought: A Guide to the Bay Area's Yelp Favorites

Imagine a time when finding a good restaurant was left to the roll of a dice. Instead of quickly turning to a phone for help, trust had to be placed in the single opinion of a friend or review found in the local paper. While this tale may have been a reality over a decade ago, now cravings can be tamed with a simple search.

Popular apps like Yelp, along with others, help narrow down the best food spots in the area. While San Francisco neighborhoods are packed with dinner choices, SF Gate has pointed out that each community has food delivery favorites.

According to Yelp Eat 24, here are the most popular cravings delivered within the pockets of SF.

At Union Square, residents seem to lean toward the classic take out meal, Chinese food. With no shortage of choices, top restaurants like the Chairman and Mission Chinese Food, seem to be the most popular. Indian food was also another cuisine that ranked well. Yelp Eat24 even tweeted out that Little Delhi in Union Square stands high in the ranks against other Indian restaurants in the area.

Many other neighborhoods like the Financial District mirrored this trend. Other foods that were also popular in communities included Japanese and Italian. Pizza, the original delivery meal, was another top contender.

Yet, with all of these different delivery choices, vegetarian options always seemed to pull out on top. With San Francisco being such a friendly city for herbivores, residents appear to be taking advantage of the meat alternative meals available.

Check out Yelp Eat 24’s website to see what’s popular in your neighborhood.

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