Ford to Debut Social Mobile App at CES

MyFord Mobile app will work with Ford's new electric car.

The Consumer Electronic Show is not all about computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Car companies have a strong presence at the show as well and the 2012 edition of the consumer technology show will be no different.

Companies such as Audi, Mercedes and Ford will all be presenting at CES this year.

Ford will be showing off more than just its cars, the Detroit company will demonstrate its beta versions of the MyFord Mobile app for the new Ford Focus Electric car.

The new app will come loaded with features to make driving a Focus Electric that much easier.

It will be able to connect to MapQuest to locate the closest EV charging station, plan the most efficient routes, send updates to Facebook and Twitter and alert drivers to road conditions.

The app will also come with a built in social feature to allow Focus Electric owners to compete against each other in reducing CO2 emission.

Ford will demonstrate beta versions of the MyFord Mobile app at CES 2012 starting Monday.

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