Free Night Out Under the Stars at AT&T

Hot dogs and Puccini

First AT&T invited surf lovers into their stadium to watch crazy men ride down 40 foot high monster Maverick waves.

Now they are going after a different audience.

Friday night, the stadium will open its gates to opera lovers and wannabees alike. Those in attendance will experience a live simulcast of Puccini’s Tosca which is playing at the War Memorial Opera House just a few miles away.

And while the people in the high heel and bow ties will be paying between $100 and $300 a ticket, those at the ball park will be taking in the experience for free. 

Billboards along the Embarcadero are selling it as a night of music under the stars.

Young opera singer performs "Puccini"

The San Francisco Opera is teaming up with the San Francisco Giants to present a Webcor Builders Opera at the Ballpark.

You can sign up for early entry at the official Web site.   That will let you be among the first in the gate at 6:30 for a first come for serve seating in the stands and on the field.

Everybody else can get in at 7 p.m. for an 8 o'clock curtain rise on the jumbo-tron.

If you want to sit where Barry Bonds used to lazily catch fly balls, bring a blanket. 

This will not be your typical night at the opera of course.   Instead of a $10 glass of wine at intermission, you can chow  down on hot dogs and garlic fries throughout the performance.

Here at the tech specs of what you will be looking at tomorrow night: State-of-the-art technology made possible by the Koret-Taube Media Suite transmitted in 1920x1080 high definition to a 103-feet wide Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision scoreboard. 

It's being called one of the highest quality outdoor scoreboards in the nation.

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