Fremont Martial Arts Teacher Pleads Guilty

A Fremont martial arts teacher pleaded guilty on Wednesday to  felony sexual battery charges for molesting two teenage students.

He is scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

Sun will have to register as a sex offender, and may be prevented from teaching or being around minors, Gebhardt said.  Sun is expected to receive two years in prison.

The prison term stems from two victims, who told police that Wenyuan Sun, 49, began molesting them in 2009 when they were 14-and 16-year-old students at "O-Mei Kung Fu Academy," on Farwell Drive, and that it continued for more than a year, Fremont Police Detective Michael Gebhardt said.
When Sun caught wind of the police investigation, he fled the country, Gebhardt said. Sun was placed on the Fremont police department's most wanted to website two years ago.

Sun was arrested in September 2011 at an airport in Houston, Texas, when he tried to enter the country, he said. Gebhardt added the police had information that Sun was only trying to get back into the United States temporarily before heading somewhere else.

Sun did not resist arrest, and has remained in custody since his arrest, Gebhardt said.

"Our biggest thing is, if someone you know or you yourself have had a similar incident happen with you please come forward and tell us," Gebhardt said. "A lot of times victims are scared people won't believe them, but that is definitely not the case here.

The Kung Fu Academy's phone was disconnected when called this afternoon.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Fremont Police's Investigative Unit at (510) 790-6900.

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