Holy Cow! Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day Nearly Here

I scream, you scream, now let's all scream for FREE ice cream!

We've told you how hot it's going to be today and tomorrow, now we're telling you about a hot way to stay cool without getting into a swimsuit and pool -- free Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

The company known for it's yummy flavors with funky names is giving away free scoops Tuesday from to celebrate 31 years.

Several Bay Area Ben and Jerry's shops can fill your need for free ice cream tomorrow from noon - 8 p.m. Most all of them are participating so it would be pretty long to list them here. It's easier to let you know the shops that won't be giving away ice cream for free: the ones at Six Flags and the one at the Oakland Coliseum.

Check this list to find out where you can get a scoop without dipping into your pocket.

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