Brendan Weber

Girls' Lemonade Stand in Sebastopol Plundered, Community Pulls Together to Save the Day

A community effort on Sunday brought smiles to the faces of two dismayed North Bay girls after their lemonade stand was ransacked.

The two youngsters in Sebastopol were treating their neighbors to refreshing drinks when they ran inside for moment, according to police. When the 9-year-old girls returned to the stand, their lemons had disappeared, $10 in profits had been heisted and a stuffed giraffe had vanished.

Heartbreak quickly overwhelmed the children, that is until word spread about their misfortune.

Police officers pitched in and donated $50, The Toyworks toy shop in Sebastopol offered a stuffed alligator, a customer inside of the toy store added $20 and the local Whole Foods handed out a wooden crate stocked with some lemons, according to police.

Needless to say, the girls were shocked by the gracious acts.

"We know the girls were very happy and thankful for the donations," police said in a statement.

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