GoldBely Eats Up $3 Million Funding Round

Your favorite food just got closer

Your favorite food just got closer.

GoldBely, a Bay Area startup that tracks down and delivers your favorite foods (the pastrami sandwich from that Manhattan Deli? The pie from Michigan?), has been growing, and will grow even larger, thanks to a tasty $3 million round of funding.

The money, coming largely from Intel Capital (maybe they have a favorite chip...), makes GoldBely not only the latest cool company to snag funding, but the latest post-incubator success story. The company launched at Y Combinator, and counts that group among its funders.

We hung out with GoldBely CEO and Co-Founder Joe Ariel shortly after its launch. With lots of regional food on the table, Ariel explained how his company will satisfy your craving, with the help of software and shipping. It's the kind of company you're always glad to see and get (and eat), which is something they're counting on to boost sales, via word of mouth.

Mouths, eager to bite into that favorite food.

Scott is ready to taste test on Twitter: @scottbudman

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