Google to Sunset Code Project Hosting Service

Google will shut down its programming project hosting service in January 2016, a response to developers migrating away from using it.

The company announced Tuesday via the Google Open Source Blog that it has disabled new project creation on Google Code and acknowledged that, since launching the hosting service in 2006, "better" competitors like GitHub and Bitbucket have emerged to make it obsolete.

"As developers migrated away from Google Code, a growing share of the remaining projects were spam or abuse," reads the statement. "Lately, the administrative load has consisted almost exclusively of abuse management. After profiling non-abusive activity on Google Code, it has become clear to us that the service simply isn't needed anymore."

The Verge noted that the impending closure follows the shuttering of other established Google services like Google Wave, which went under in 2012, but that Google Code is different because it began before any competition existed.

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