Google's Apartment Plan Looks Doomed

Google's plan to build apartments appears doomed.

Wallet, Mail, and Maps? Just fine. But Google Apartments?

Mountain View's City Council plans to say no.

Google wants to build 1,100 apartments near its main headquarters in Mountain View. That's not something that's included in the city's master plan, which is up for a vote on Tuesday, according to the Mountain View Voice.

In a nonbinding "straw vote," the Council voted 4-3 against zoning land north of Highway 101 for apartments, the newspaper reported.

That's bad news for the Googs, which wants to build the housing on North Bayshore in order to house workers from around the world nearby the firm, the newspaper reported.

A main reason for nixing the housing is birds. The open space Google wants to develop is one of the last bits of open space in Mountain View, the newspaper reported, and a crucial habitat for birds.

Other residents and leaders, however, think building housing in town would relieve congestion on El Camino Real.

The future is in the council's hands.

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