Gov. Newsom Outlines Plan to Ease Restrictions

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As the hospitalization and ICU rates seem to be holding steady in California, Governor Gavin Newsom traveled to Napa County today to outline his plan to ease even more restrictions.

That included a topic that caught a lot of attention: when we can all go back to getting haircuts or shopping inside local small businesses. 

A lot of work goes into reopening a business, especially with new measures in place. Behind-the-scenes, business owners are now trying to figure out the safest way possible to let people back inside. 

Naomi Chamblin has owned Napa Bookmine for seven years and her store on Pearl Street in downtown Napa is one of three locations. She said, “Oh my gosh. We are so ready to have people back in the store in a safe way.” 

Since the end of March, her small team has been fulfilling dozens of online orders and trying to figure out what it will look like when customers are eventually allowed back inside.

“Currently we have a computer with a counter that’s right in front of the customer and we’re going to have two registers toward the back behind our counter space,” Chamblin said.

From Mustard’s Grill in Yountville, Governor Gavin Newsom had some hopeful words for business owners like Chamblin, saying a limited number of people may be allowed inside stores in a matter of weeks. He also had some good news for owners of hair salons and those of us who are in dire need of a cut.

“It can be done on a regional variance but it will be able to be advanced, we believe in the next few weeks, even stateside,” Governor Newsom said.

Newsom is still leaving a lot up to individual counties, letting each set its own pace. Craig Smith is the executive director of the Downtown Napa Association who says his city is ready to welcome back customers. “It’ll be great to get back out in the world and feel a little bit more normal than we do right now.” 

While the Governor’s message was promising, the situation continues to be ever-changing. Counties might need to once again pull back if the data takes a downward turn.

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