Greasy Cat Lodged in Car Engine Has “Dramatic Brush With Death”

Jim Michelotti heard some weird noises coming from the inside of his car.

Luckily, though, nothing was wrong with the engine - other than a tiny black kitten covered in grease had lodged itself under the hood when he was at a Safeway gas station in Morgan Hill on Sunday.

"I heard the desperate meows of a kitten coming from somewhere nearby, " Michelotti told NBC Bay Area early Monday morning. "I called to a woman at the next pump and she said it was coming from my car.  I popped the hood and she was right. It was somewhere inside my engine compartment."

With the help of some others, Michelotti eventually found the cat lodged between his engine and firewall - apparently making the drive from his parent's home in Sunnyvale, all the way to Morgan Hill perched 18 inches above the road traveling at 70 mph. Michelotti went home, asking his neighbors if they had lost a cat.

No one had, and so now Michelloti is trying to figure out if the furry feline belongs to anyone.

"He is so tiny and no more than a few weeks old," Michelotti said. "Other than being a bit shaken he was fine, which is quite miraculous considering the journey he had just taken. He is quite affectionate, even after his dramatic brush with death."

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