Have Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Think you can sing? Prove it tonight in San Jose

Don't trust your friends who say you have a good singing voice. Get on stage in front of a live audience for some true feedback.

If you think you have a great singing voice you have a chance to possibly make it big.  San Jose's Music in the Park hosts a singing competition tonight for all those who dare to belt out in front of a live audience.

The grand prize winner gets a cash prize and the chance to sing at a San Jose Earthquakes soccer game.

Just remember, those first few episodes of TV talent shows, you know the ones with all the people who think they can sing but really just sound like fools -- are usually the funniest for all the most embarrassing reasons.

Tonight's singing competition is at Cesar de Plaza.

Real bands Dusty Rhodes and the River Band and The Tubes take to the stage afterwards.

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