Homeless Village Near Oakland Coliseum BART Torn Down

Sledgehammers, a loader and a line of garbage trucks. That's what city crews in Oakland needed to clean up a homeless camp near the coliseum on Wednesday.

The homes were tiny, but elaborate and the city needed the heavy equipment.

At least one person is set on re-building again at the makeshift village after Oakland Public Works crews tore down at least a dozen makeshift cabins along San Leandro Boulevard, just south of the Coliseum.

Pastor Garcia said his makeshift cabin had everything he needed -- four walls, a window and a television. The city said the little home was not up to code and was a danger to Garcia and the BART riders up above.

Garcia and the rest of the people in the camp will now have to sleep in tents. But Garcia said it won't be long before he builds another tiny home.

"I was about to finish everything," Garcia said. "I had a closet. I had everything there."

City officials said the fire marshal visited the camp last month for an inspection and declared the wooden structures a fire hazard. Oakland said it warned the homeless camp ahead of time of the plant to dismantle the tiny homes.

A homeless advocacy group named The East Oakland Collective is offering the homeless tents in the meantime. That's not good enough for Garcia, who already has a blueprint in mind for his next tiny home.

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