‘Hot Cop' Pleads Not Guilty to 2 Counts of Felony Hit-and-Run

The officer allegedly slammed his 2009 Dodge Charger into two men in their 40s.

San Francisco police officer Christopher Kohrs — who social media dubbed the "Hot Cop of Castro" last summer — pleaded not guilty Wednesday to two counts of felony hit-and-run, according to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

Kohrs, 38, was allegedly driving westbound on Broadway Saturday when he rammed his Dodge Charger into two pedestrians in the city’s North Beach neighborhood.

The pedestrians, both men in their 40s, suffered serious injuries but are expected to survive.

"He wishes a lot of things in terms of the people getting well," said Kohr's defense attorney Anthony Tall. "He's not concerned with his future. He just wants the people to get well, and obviously he wants to get through this himself." 

Kohrs ditched his car at the scene and fled but turned himself in about eight hours after the crash, which may render sobriety test results inconclusive.

As a result of the felony charges, a judge ordered Kohrs to have limited driving privileges. He can only get behind the wheel if it's for a work-related matter.

District Attorney George Gascon said Tuesday that he was "outraged" at the lack of legitimate testing results, which he said could cause problems for prosecutors handling the case.

If Kohrs had stayed at the scene after the crash, the charges might have been different, said Gascon. According to witness statements, Kohrs had the green light when he slammed into the two men. 

"As law enforcement officers, we are sworn to uphold the law," Gascon said. "We are sworn to protect the public, and when we do not uphold the law and we do not protect the public, that makes it a mockery of the whole system." 

Kohrs, who was on medical leave during the time of the crash, has been out of jail on $100,000 bail. If he becomes eligible to return to duty, he will be placed on suspension, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

The disgraced officer shot to local notoriety when pictures of him began flooding social media under the hashtag #HotCopofCastro. His fan page boasted more than 52,000 likes on Facebook before it was taken down after news of the crash broke. 

If found guilty, Kohrs could face eight years in prison and be asked to pay a hefty fine. 

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