HP Shows Everyone Its the Battery King With 32 Hour Laptops

Gloat all you want with your MacBook Pro or 12 hour and up battery netbook, but neither of them can hold a candle to HP's new EliteBook laptops and its record-setting battery life — 32 hours on a single charge. Top that Apple!

We don't know what to say. We're literally speechless. We've never heard of a laptop that can go 32 hours on a single charge. As Electronista points out, that's enough to make a trip around the world and back without having to recharge.

Available in 14-inch (8460p) and 15.6-inch (8560p) models, HP's EliteBooks come standard with 160GB SSD and high definition displays. As business laptops, the EliteBooks are customizable with Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, capable of up to 8GB of RAM, choice of Intel or AMD graphics and options for HSPA+ 3G from AT&T. All of these features are packed into HP's signature magnesium-aluminum chassis for withstanding the toughness of the business world.

The two EliteBooks hit retail next month on March 15 for a cool $1000 for the 14-inch and $1100 for the 15-inch. Not bad at all, considering we also see a biometric finger sensors a two pairs of right and left click buttons.

This is what we're talking about — innovations in battery design that will let us skip out on having to tote around those bulky power chargers when mobile. Everyone whose name isn't HP, take notice!

HP, via Electronista

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