Hugs of Gratitude at Pleasanton 7-11 ‘Slurpee with a Cop' Event

The draw was free Slurpees and hot dogs from a neighborhood 7-11.

But the timing — a day after five police officers were killed by a sniper in Dallas — meant that chatting with a cop was a little more meaningful in Pleasanton on Friday. 

Sgt. Pat Walsh said the event was planned months ago, and designed to help officers and residents get to know each other. 

Many of the people enjoying free frozen beverages were kids, too young to even know about the horrific shooting in Dallas.

Their parents, however, had a lot on their minds. Many shook hands and thanked the officers for their service to the community. One woman hugged officers to express her gratitude. 

Lyn Pellett smiled proudly as she introduced her young grandson who wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Many parents said they want their children to admire and trust law enforcement officers. They were saddened to think about children who grow up fearful of police and wondered what to do about polarization and racism, and how to teach their children to love everyone and hate violence. 

"The police are very important people in our community and they are working for us, for our safety," said 7-11 owner Rahul Kals, in between handing out free hot dogs. 

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