Need a Little Christmas?

Add this to your holiday tradition list and you won't be sorry

Monica Correa

Loading up everyone in the family car and hitting the road for a tour of the best Christmas lights in your area is a holiday tradition for most here in the Bay Area. 

That evening is made much easier thanks to a "one man band" Web site called "Lights of the Valley."

Check it out here.

The site isn't new.  It has been active since 1999, but just in case it is new to you we thought we'd share.

It breaks decorations down by county and city and not only gives exact addresses for your GPS but it also has photos so you can choose whether you think the lights are worth the drive.

A man in Livermore is the brilliance behind the listings.  He first sent out a small list of his favorite locations to a group of 25 friends and the rest, as they say, is history. Over the past ten years more than half a million people have visited his site.

Lori Preuitt's family consists of a husband and a dog, but she will be hitting the road sometime soon thanks to Lights of the Valley.

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