IMacs With Retina Displays Could Arrive in October: Report

While Apple updated its MacBook family at last month's WWDC, the iMac didn't get any new upgrades. Rumor has it Apple's already producing new iMacs — with Retina displays that'll make your eyeballs explode.

Once again, DigiTimes is reporting based on supply chain components, it's very possible that Apple is already ramping up production of new iMacs.

Although DigiTimes was unable to fully confirm whether the new iMacs will pack Retina displays, it strongly believes that Apple will expand the high-resolution display to its all-in-one computer.

The only reason Apple will not release a Retina display iMac is because there aren't enough compatible images, apps and content that would make it shine — a problem new MacBook Pro with Retina display owners have learned.

DigiTimes' rumors directly contradicts Instapaper developer Marco Arment's sources who say that the new iMacs will not come with Retina displays at 5120x2880 resolution.

As Apple blog MacRumors notes, the iMac is due for an update soon. It's been 427 days since the last update, which is an eternity in Apple product years.

A Retina display iMac would be ideal, but is it necessary? Especially on a 27-inch iMac? It might be overkill...

DigiTimes, via MacRumors

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