'In-N-Stout Beer' Spurs Punny Cease and Desist Letter From Burger Chain

San Francisco-based Seven Stills touted an "In-N-Stout Beer" before the burger chain fired back with a pun-laden cease and desist letter

A San Francisco-based brewery and distillery had an ambitious plan to create a stout mirroring In-N-Out Burger's trademark look and logo.

The popular burger chain fired back with legal action, but it had a bit of playful fun in doing so, issuing a pun-laden cease and desist letter to the brewery and distillery known as Seven Stills, as reported by SF Gate.

The back and forth banter all started on July 12 when Seven Stills took to Instagram and posted a photo of its soon-to-be-released "barrel aged neopolitan milkshake stout." The beverage's logo featured In-N-Out's famous red palm tree lining, arrow logo and the phrase "In-N-Stout Beer."

After In-N-Out caught wind of the idea, its legal team crafted a cease and desist letter jam-packed with puns related to beer making.

"Based on your use of our marks, we felt obligated to hop to action in order to prevent further issues from brewing," part of the letter read.

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Seven Stills — admittedly not surprised by the cease and desist — will respect In-N-Out's letter asking it to stop the illegal activity, according to SF Gate. The brewery and distillery will still dish out the beer on Thursday, but it will of course feature a different look.

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