Insanely Expensive Houses Now Ready to Rent in Presidio

Want to get away from it all and got an extra $25,000 a month burning a hole in your pocket?

The Presidio's Wyman Avenue homes are all renovated and ready to rent. The adorable houses are about 75 years old and were completely dilapidated until the Presidio Trust undertook an extensive renovation. Modern amenities now await a renter with deep enough pockets.

A three-bed, two-bath bungalow will set you back by a little over $5,300 a month. Prices haven't been posted for the ritzier pads, such as the 3,290-square-foot 5-bed, 3.5-bath residence. An anonymous tipster told the Richmond Blog that the general's home at Fort Scott goes for $25,000 a month. For that price, it better have a fully-equipped batcave behind a rotating bookcase.

One of the challenges addressed by the renovation: Replacing all of the copper pipes, which were burglarized by nefarious scrap-metal thieves. The new drain pipes appear to be copper as well, so you have any cash left over, you might want to install some security cameras.

In addition to the fancy new appliances and hardwood floors, the upgraded homes have a number of ecologically sensitive features. Landscaping is dought-resistant, reducing water consumption and streetlights are strategically dimmed to reduce light pollution. And residents cannot own pets, in deference to the delicate natural ecosystem of the park. Not even a pet jellyfish? That rule seems a bit harsh.

Check 'em out yourself: The Trust is holding two open houses. One was Saturday and the second is Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. And they'll be featured as part of the "Green Grand Opening" of the Public Health Service District at the end of the month.

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