iPad 2 Confirmed to be in Production

After several iPad 2 sightings at various events, we are all relatively certain the device is in production, however, the Wall Street Journal confirms today that the next generation iPad is, in fact, currently being manufactured.

The latest iPad is reported to be thinner and lighter than iPad 1, have at least one camera on the front for video conferencing, have a faster graphics  processor, but the screen will have the same resolution.

iPad 2 will be initially be available through Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but not any of the other major wireless companies, here in the United States.

Apple declined to comment, which is no big surprise, but production of the newest iGadget proves the company is moving forward even while their captain, Steve Jobs, is out on sick leave.

Apple has sold 14.8 million units of the current iPad, and you can bet they'll sell just as many of the next.

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