Jonathan Rosenberg Departs Google to Write Tell-All?

Jonathan Rosenberg, Google's product chief who was in charge of developing Android and Chrome, said he plans to step down in the coming months and write a book with Google's ex-chief executive Eric Schmidt.

The announcement of Rosenberg's departure came on Monday, the same day as the first day founder Larry Page took over the reins of the company as CEO. Rosenberg's resignation was oddly timed, causing many to wonder (including myself) "Was Page behind Rosenberg's resignation?"

Page plans on concentrating on Google products, according to Business Insider, so Rosenberg as product chief was simply redundant. "Google still has a lot of very smart product managers and those people work directly with Larry," said an anonymous source.

Rosenberg's book with Schmidt will be based on Google's management culture, complete with its goals and values, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Do you think Larry Page will be reading it?

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