July 4th Weekend Will be Swarming with California Highway Patrol Officers

From warnings on the water to warnings on the road, a record number of Americans are travelling this 4th of July weekend, and the California Highway Patrol has beefed up its presence as a result. 

On Saturday, the state's highway patrol tweeted "At least seven people were killed in collisions in California within the first six hours of maximum enforcement period. Buckle up. It saves lives." 

The maximum enforcement period, in which officers step up patrol in order to catch speeders, distracted drivers and possible DUI offenders, will be in effect from 6 p.m. Friday to 11:59 p.m. Monday.

Reports have shown 4th of July weekend to be a particularly perilous time on the road. All-day drinking at parties and barbeques combined with the hot weather make Independence Day the second most dangerous holiday for drivers in terms of traffic fatalities, according to Forbes

Local police departments across the Bay Area have been reiterating the need for safety by reminding people to buckle up and appointing a designated driver. 

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