Kamala Harris Unveils Her All Star Team

It pays to have friends in high places when you need advice.

Former San Francisco District Attorney and current Atty. Gen.-elect Kamala Harris unveiled a star studded list of who's who on her transition team.

Harris will have five co-chairs on her "Smart on Crime Committee," who are tasked with helping transition into her new job as the state's top cop.

Harris announced that George Shultz, the former secretary of state under President Reagan; former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton; Warren Christopher, former secretary of state under President Clinton; co-director of the Advancement Project in Los Angeles Connie Rice; and the former dean of the Stanford Law School, Kathleen Sullivan.

"From the Silicon Valley to the San Fernando Valley, from biotech to green tech, from climate protection to public safety, California has always been the place where the future is invented first," Harris said.

The Los Angeles Times points out that Harris' all-star team is the polar opposite of what her predecessor Jerry Brown unveiled when he took the same job. Brown surrounded himself with close friends and allies, including his wife Anne Gust.

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