Kids Find Loaded Gun in Playground Sandbox

All it would have taken was a little squeeze of the trigger

A day at the community playground could have had a tragic ending for a group of children in San Francisco who found something very dangerous in the sandbox -- a gun.

That's not the scariest part. The pistol was loaded and the hammer was cocked back, police said.

The kids told some adults what they found and the adults told a cop, who got the gun out of the Viscitation Valley playground right away. Now investigators are looking into whether the gun was used in a weekend shooting in the area that left one person with non-life-threatening injuries.

While it ended rather well, considering what could have happened, the incident is a sad reminder of what children face as they grow up in some of the rougher parts of the City. Thankfully, these youngsters didn't think the gun was a toy and pick up and play with it.

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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