Lafayette Mayor Wants PG&E to Pay for Losses During Power Shutoffs

The City of Lafayette has tallied up its losses from PG&E's power shutoff and says the utility should get ready to pay up.

Lafayette's mayor wrote a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission this week asking them to order PG&E to pay the city some $26,000 related to the recent blackouts. But that's not all -- the city says PG&E needs to pay for damage from two fires caused by the utility's power lines.

"I would have to give it a D," Lafayette Mayor Mike Anderson said of how PG&E handled the outages. "I think it's barely passing."

Resident Kristian Lupinski said she witnessed a transformer blow last month, sparking a fire that burned the Lafayette Tennis Club where she runs her swim school.

"Very few people have been through a fire and when you actually see it happen to you it's devastating," Lupinksi said.

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