Local Salmon Swimming Its Way Back Onto Bay Area Menus

CBS 5 reports salmon fishing resumes this Saturday off the California coast for the first time since 2007.

For the past two years, Bay Area chefs have, for the most part, been using sustainable salmon from Alaska on menus around town due to the extended cancellation of local supplies (or lack therof).

This year's sport season should last through April, maybe longer if the Pacific Fisheries Management Council decides to extend the window when it votes on the issue April 15.

So what does this mean for Bay Area menus?

Expect to see local salmon surfacing as early as next week. Particularly excited is Vincent Schofield, executive chef at the Mission's new locally sourced, seafood-centric Ebb & Flow.

"We'll be showcasing every part of the fish: collar, belly, loins, and more; I'm also planning to smoke and preserve a lot of it so we can enjoy local salmon well beyond the fishing season," he said.

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