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Loftus Maintains Narrow Lead Over Boudin in SF's Close District Attorney Race

Although the race for San Francisco District Attorney remains close, new election numbers released Thursday show Interim District Attorney Suzy Loftus maintaining a slight lead over challenger Chesa Boudin.

The latest voting results show Loftus narrowly leading with 67,916 votes to 67,037 for Boudin; a 50.33 to 49.67 percent margin.

Candidates Nancy Tung and Leif Dautch have already been eliminated due to ranked-choice voting.

In another close race, Thursday's election results showed Dean Preston slightly ahead of Supervisor Vallie Brown for the District 5 Supervisor race.

The latest results show Preston had 9,221 votes, ahead of Brown's 9,186, which translates to a 50.10 percent lead over Brown's 49.90 percent.

Thursday's results also showed Proposition D, a ballot measure that would impose a tax on rides in San Francisco from companies like Lyft and Uber, remains too close to call.

Currently, 67.31 percent of the voters voted in favor of the tax, while 32.69 percent voted to oppose it. The measure, which would add a 3.25 percent tax to single rides or a 1.5 percent rate to shared rides, needs two-thirds majority approval to pass.

Election officials said on Thursday that about 38,000 ballots still need to be processed, including 25,000 vote-by-mail ballots and 13,000 provisional and conditional voter registration ballots.

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