Man Working as Lyft Driver Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Woman in Fremont: Police

A 24-year-old Lyft driver has been arrested and charged for sexually assaulting a woman at his Fremont home after giving the victim a ride back in April, according to police.

Jaswanthreddy Baireddy, who is currently being held without bail in Alameda County, has been charged with three counts of sexual assault, police said.

The 29-year-old victim originally requested a ride using the Lyft application on April 8, according to police. Baireddy picked up her in Oakland and drove her to an address in Berkeley, but the victim's friend was not there, police said. That's when Baireddy told the victim that he was "off duty" but would still offer her a ride to her home. The victim thought she would be taken home at that point, according to police.

Police did not say whether the victim was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

While driving on the freeway, Baireddy drove past the victim's exit, prompting her to tell him that he missed the turn and that she wanted to go home, according to police. Baireddy proposed that the victim rest while he picked up some food.

Baireddy subsequently made his way to Fremont, stopped at a drive-thru restaurant and eventually drove to his home along the 38000 block of Camden Street in Fremont, police said.

Baireddy escorted the victim inside and offered her marijuana, police said. He then directed her upstairs, told her that he was too tired to drive and suggested that she lay down. The sexual assault occurred soon after, according to police.

Baireddy drove the victim to her home following the assault, police said.

An investigation was launched after the victim reported the sexual assault, according to police. Baireddy was eventually contacted and later arrested.

Baireddy's next court appearance is slated to take place later this week, police said.

Lyft on Tuesday followed Uber's example and announced it's dropping a requirement that kept a lid on allegations of sexual misconduct made by its passengers and drivers.

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