Make Your Own Frank Chu Sign

San Francisco icon honored with wacky Web gadget

Frank Chu may just be the most recognizable man in San Francisco, thanks to his ubiquity and picket sign -- and now you can make the sign read whatever you'd like thanks to the ACME ChuMaker.

Chu is best known for his knack for making it onto television photos by attending nearly every parade, protest and party in San Francisco.

Lately, Chu has gone digital. Search for Frank Chu on Flickr, and you'll get 1,700 photos.

And of course he's on Twitter (okay, probably not, but it's still pretty funny).

Yes, he even has a fan club on Facebook and an incredibly thorough Wikipedia entry.

An unlikely celebrity, but a celebrity nonetheless.

And now you can have him spread your message, without having to pay for the advertising he usually sells on the back of his sign. Original photo by Zack Sheppard.

Jackson West admits he's too starstruck to approach the man.

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