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SF Company's Technology Stores Beds, Closets in the Ceiling to Maximize Space

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A San Francisco startup is utilizing design and technology to make better use of the space in small apartments and condos.

While housing costs may be going up, Bumblebee Spaces is focused on what's coming down, literally. The company specializes in transforming one's ceiling into a place to store beds, books, clothes and other household items.

"How can we make the most out of space?" CEO Sankarshan Murthy said.

Efficiency is the name of the game at Bumblebee Spaces, which, in true Silicon Valley fashion, started in Murthy's garage.

"It started off as this home project for me to convince my wife we don't need more rooms," he said. "Let's make more out of the rooms."

People using Bumblebee's technology simply talk into their smartphone and then watch their items descend.

The company said it's working on designing both rentals and condos people can own. They're all small but feature hidden benefits.

"We liberate these walls and floors so you can live comfortably, yet all your stuff is there," Murthy said.

The company said its additions shouldn't add much to the cost of a residence because people will be able to live in a smaller space.

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