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Soaring Gas Prices Hit Record Highs Across the Bay Area: AAA

All counties are averaging well above $5 a gallon, with some cities seeing a nearly 30-cent jump in the past week, according to AAA

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What to Know

  • Gas prices are well above $5 a gallon, reaching record highs in most Bay Area cities
  • AAA data shows prices in much of the region have jumped nearly 30 cents in the past week
  • Experts point to the Russia-Ukraine war as the main cause for the rapid rise at the pump

Gas prices have soared to record highs in the Bay Area and California, rising nearly 30 cents a gallon on average in the past week, according to the latest data from AAA.

Experts point to the Russia-Ukraine war as the main cause for the rapid rise at the pump.

The statewide average gas price in California as of Friday was $5.07, up from $4.79 a week ago, according to AAA. The national average stood at $3.83.

The average gas price by county as of Friday, according to AAA:

  • Marin, $5.25
  • Napa, $5.24
  • Sonoma $5.22
  • San Francisco, $5.21
  • San Mateo, $5.20
  • Alameda, $5.13
  • Contra Costa, $5.13
  • Solano, $5.11
  • Santa Clara, $5.10

The average gas price for Bay Area cities, according to AAA, all set records Friday:

  • San Rafael, $5.25 (week ago: $4.91)
  • Napa, $5.23 (week ago: $4.97)
  • Santa Rosa, $5.22 (week ago: $4.93)
  • San Francisco, $5.20 (week ago: $4.93)
  • Oakland, $5.13 (week ago: $4.85)
  • Vallejo-Fairfield, $5.11 (week ago: $4.80)
  • San Jose, $5.10 (week ago: $4.85)

It's a given Californians pay more for gas than anywhere else in the country, but now there are questions swirling about the state's gas tax.

State Sen. Scott Weiner took to social media to share that he’s fielded lots of calls about canceling or reducing the gas tax but says doing so would have little impact on prices and provide less funding for infrastructure.

Residents say something has to be done.

"When I fill up my tank, it's about 90 bucks at the moment, which is a lot," San Rafael resident Daphne Andreani said. "I'm a teacher. It wears, it's hard."

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