Man Flashes Girl for Second Time: Cops

Little girl did not tell anyone the first time a man exposed himself to her while she walked home from school

The Mountain View Police Department is looking for a man who they say exposed himself to the same child 15 months apart.

 The latest incident happened Tuesday afternoon. 
Police said a man exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl who was walking home from Crittenden School on North Rengstorff Avenue.   
The girl said the same thing happened to the same child in February 2011. 
Police said although the "case sounds a little odd at first, given the description of the suspect is the same in both cases even though the crimes occurred one year apart," investigators believe both of these crimes really happened.  
In the February incident, which police said was never reported, the girl was walking home from school near the Whisman Sports Pavilion on Middlefield Road when a man in a red Jeep pulled up alongside of her and exposed himself while he sat in his car. The girl said she said she ran away and never told anyone what happened. 
The girl said the same man pulled up and exposed himself again this week, and she said he was in the same red Jeep.  
The flasher was described as a man in his 50s with gray hair and wearing a black baseball cap.  
In neither case did the suspect attempt to lure the girl into his car or approach her, police said.  
The police artist met with the girl Tuesday and created the sketch to the right. Police said they think he may have exposed himself to others in the past, and added it is not uncommon for these types of crimes to go unreported.  
Anyone who believes they were victimized is encouraged to call the MVPD at (650) 903-6395.
The MVPD would like to remind parents and guardians of the importance of talking to their children about crime prevention and awareness.  Parents should stress to children that they should never talk to or approach strangers, even if the stranger offers toys or candy.  Children should never get into a stranger’s car or go with a stranger anywhere.  Children should be encouraged to immediately report any strange or criminal behavior to a parent, guardian, school staff member or any other trusted adult immediately.  Teenagers with cell phones should be encouraged to contact the MVPD directly if a suspicious activity or crime occurs via either 9-1-1 or by calling 650-903-6395.   
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