17-Foot Great White Shark Reportedly Bites Man Near Farallon Islands: Coast Guard

The man was reportedly bit on or near the hand/wrist area, the Coast Guard reported

A shark reportedly bit a diver near the Farallon Islands Tuesday morning, according to the United States Coast Guard.

The man, who was transported to Stanford Hospital, was reportedly bit on his right arm, Coast Guard officials said.

Police on Wednesday said it appears a 17-foot great white shark bit the man.

The man was identified as Ron Elliott, an underwater cinematographer and filmmaker from Marin County, according to the National Oceanic and Atmosperic Administration.

Paramedics were able to stop the bleeding before Elliott was placed on the transport helicopter, and he walked on his own into the hospital, the NOAA said.

He was in stable condition, according to a spokesperson at Stanford Medical.

Over a 15-year span, Elliott has had more than 400 encounters with sharks at the Farrallon Islands without the protection of a cage, according to Diving Almanac.

The Farallon Islands are located about 30 miles west of San Francisco.

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