Man Who Mowed Down SJ Woman Known By Neighbors

Police say a 19-year-old man intentionally mowed down a 46-year-old woman in San Jose late Monday night after he had an argument with her neighbors.

The woman, Donna Fife, heard a crash, said "damn kids" and went out to see what happened.
Richard Delgado had driven into a fence in the 3800 block of Thainwood Way around 11 p.m., and was confronted by neighbors, police spokesman Mike Sullivan said.

Witnesses said Delgado parked his car around the corner, came back and started arguing with them.

He walked back to his house, got into another car and drove back into the fence.  He then rammed into Fife, who was on the front lawn next door,  Sullivan said.

Her family said she was trying to write down the driver's license plate.

Witnesses said it looked intentional.

Fife's husband of 25 years ran to the scene and held his wife in his arms while waiting for police.

Delgado drove down the street, got out of the car and started running. Police caught him and arrested him on suspicion of murder.

Sullivan said Delgado is known in the Evergreen neighborhood as someone who drives recklessly.

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