Bay Area on Heightened Alert Following Manchester Bombing

In the wake of the deadly concert explosion in Manchester, England on Monday night, some security agencies around the Bay Area are stepping up enforcement.

Understanding that the blast occurred outside security checkpoints at a large social event, the Oakland Athletics added more police officers to keep an eye on areas outside of the ballpark during Tuesday night's home game. The security procedure will become standard for future games.

A’s season ticket holders Ami and Chris Low attend almost every game. On Tuesday night, they noticed a change at the gate.

"I see the effort of the security," Ami Low said. "The lines seem to be longer."

Vice President of Stadium Operations David Rinetti said earlier Tuesday that Oakland police officers would be patrolling the stadium as an additional layer of security, especially on the outskirts of the Coliseum, where they'll be looking for any suspicious activity and checking to make sure nothing dangerous is planted or brought inside.

Stadium workers also would be on extra alert, he said.

"We'll talk to our staff to be a little more observant about who's coming in," Rinetti said. "Tonight, we'll continue to do that with our screening and our metal detector, and in addition, we'll be adding some more officers to be roaming around the perimeter outside to ensure that things are going well.

"You have to adapt to what’s going on in society, and you got to do what you can to make the place safe," he added.

Most A's fans said they understand and don't mind the extra officers.

"That all has to be under control, and that's good if somebody's taking care of things and making sure we're all safe, we all feel better," said Ricky Ricardo, owner of Ricky's sports bar in San Leandro. "People should just learn that's the way life is, unfortunately, these days."

Public transporation agencies across the Bay Area such as BART, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Caltrain and SamTrans are not necessarily increasing the amount of security officers patrolling their systems, but they are reminding officers to maintain routine vigilance. Transporation agencies are also staying in contact with federal authorities to monitor any security threats. 

NBC Bay Area's Cheryl Hurd contributed to this report.

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