San Francisco

Marchers Storm San Francisco DA's Office, Demand Updates on Police Shootings

Demonstrators marched into the San Francisco Hall of Justice on Friday and demanded answers from the district attorney.

The group wanted updates on several police shooting investigations. District Attorney George Gascon was not in his office when demonstrators arrived, but his representatives got an earful from the group.

"What we have to do is make sure to get this right," said Alex Bastian, San Francisco district attorney's spokesman. "What we have to do is make decisions based on all the evidence, the full investigation."

Mario Woods' mother during the rally talked about her son, who was shot by police last December, and demanded justice.

"Prosecute these officers who have taken the lives of our loved ones here in San Francisco," a demonstrator said during the rally.

Woods was a stabbing suspect. Police said they fired after he raised a knife at officers, but supporters said the video told a much different story.

Friday's demonstration comes as police enact reforms and a Blue Ribbon panel has made recommendations.

Just hours before the rally, a federal civil rights lawsuit was announced on behalf of the family of Luis Gongora, a homeless man shot by police after allegedly brandishing a knife.

"This man was killed unnecessarily and unlawfully," said Adante Pointer, an attorney representing the Gongora family.

Gongora's family questioned police accounts of the shooting, saing he posed no threat.

"Their version of the facts claim he lunged at them with the knife," Pointer said. "But we know different."

Sean Connolly, San Francisco deputy city attorney, issued the following statement:

"Multiple eye-witnesses have confirmed that the suspect Gongora lunged at one of our officers with a large knife. We also now know that Gongora was high on methamphetamine at the time of the incident and had a long criminal history. Gongora posed an immediate and deadly threat, and our officers’ use of lethal force was necessary and legally justified."

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