Meter Maids Join the War on Fun

San Francisco issues parking tickets on holidays

Having fun in San Francisco can be next to impossible sometimes.

This past weekend, access to the City was cut off for East Bay drivers but that did not stop San Francisco meter maids from continuing the ongoing War on Fun. Their victim? Cars parked around the City.

San Francisco kept its promise and ticketed drivers at expired meters on Labor Day, for the first time in recent memory, to raise some much needed cash, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The City has not added up its fair from the holiday tickets yet but citations were being issued on Mission and Market streets Monday afternoon by at least one enforcement officer and a woman told the Chronicle "she saw dozens of tickets slapped on windshields on Union Street."

The Municipal Transportation Agency decided earlier this year to enforce parking restrictions on select holidays to generate revenue for the City. Meter maids no longer take Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veteran's Day off.


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