Mile IQ App Helps Drivers Track Mileage for Business Trips

SAN FRANCISCO - There's a new app out there that tracks you, and that's a good thing if you use your car for business purposes.

It’s called the Mile IQ app. You simply download the app and it tracks you when you drive. When you arrive at a location, you can open Mile IQ and swipe right if you just used your car for business purposes, or left if it was a personal trip. Users have their driving log e-mailed to them at the end of each day, month, and year so they can deduct those miles on their taxes.

"I've logged just this month alone 1,300 miles,” said the Owner of San Francisco Brewing Co. Josh Leavy.

Leavy is busy expanding his business and says they Mile IQ app saves him about 30 minutes a day.

“[Before Mile IQ] I was tracking it with a pen and a piece of paper using Google Maps which wasn't efficient at all. And I probably missed hundreds of dollars a month,” Leavy said.

"90 percent of the market is not doing anything to track their miles,” said Mile IQ Co-Founder and CEO Chuck Dietrich.

The app costs $6 a month, and is now available for both Apple and Android devices.

"The average business drive is $8.07. So every time you miss tracking a business drive it could be $8.07. So what we're trying to do is automate the process of capturing those drives,” Dietrich said.

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