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Mineta San Jose to Add Interim Gates to Handle Passenger Growth

In order to address an increase in passenger traffic at the Mineta San Jose International Airport, the San Jose City Council has approved an interim facility with additional gates.

In the first quarter of 2018, the airport reported an uptick of 18.5 percent compared to the same three-month timeframe in 2017.

SJC has recently announced plans for new services and nonstop routes, and in doing so, has factored in the possibility of additional passenger growth in the future, airport officials said.

The airport will handle an anticipated 14.2 million passengers this year, which is equal to the peak passenger level in 2001, according to SJC officials.

The interim facility will create four additional boarding gates and will be opened in the summer of 2019. Those gates, 31 to 34, will be constructed and connected to Terminal B on the south end of the airport.

San Jose airport officials anticipate that the addition will provide additional holding space, improve flight scheduling flexibility and decrease delays for airlines.

The facility is estimated to cost $50 million and will be used for up to seven years while concurrent designing and construction of permanent gates and support facilities begins.

SJC officials said the airport has experienced steady passenger growth over the last 63 consecutive months.

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