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Lost and Found: Missing Cat From Lathrop Recovered About 75 Miles Away in San Francisco

"We have no idea how he got to San Francisco," a spokesperson for the San Francisco SPCA said

Turns out all hope was not lost for a cat owner living in the Central Valley.

Squishy the cat went missing from his home in Lathrop about one month ago, but much to the delight of his owner, he recently turned up about 75 miles away in San Francisco, according to San Francisco SPCA spokesperson Krista Maloney.

One of SF SPCA's feral cat volunteers recently captured Squishy, who was described by Maloney as being "really friendly." Folks at SF SPCA then scanned Squishy and found that he had a microchip, which helped them reunite him with his owner, Savannah.

How Squishy managed to travel west about 75 miles remains a mystery.

"We have no idea how he got to San Francisco," Maloney said.

After the SPCA notified Savannah about its discovery, she "dropped everything" to retrieve her felien friend, according to Maloney.

"It was a really sweet reunion," Maloney said.

Now that Squishy is back home, Maloney is reminding other animal owners to microchip their pets so that they can be identified and returned in the event that they escape from home.

"It makes a huge difference," she said.

Not only are pet owners encouraged to get their pets microchipped, they are also advised to keep their contact information connected to the microchip updated.

If pet owners are unsure how to update their microchip information, Maloney said they should call their veterinarians.

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